Jindy Haus is a brand new, European house offering some spectacular views. The house is all on a single level that opens up on a large deck, perfect for taking in the beautiful sunsets over the lake.
76 Kunama Dr, East Jindabyne

Jindy Haus - 1 / 76 Kunama Drive

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Jindabyne & The Snowy Mountains.

We hope you enjoy your stay with Accommodation Jindabyne and please know we are here to help throughout your stay. If there is anything that comes up during your stay, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time.

If you are looking for recommendations to get the best experiences in our area, please head to https://accommodationjindabyne.com/visitor-information/ .

A reminder that check-in is from 4 pm and check-out is 10 am. Either from The Base Ski Hire during the winter season or Jindabyne Real Estate over the remainder of the year.

If you need any assistance during your stay, please contact us at info@jre.net.au or 02 64562216 (you can follow the prompts for after-hours emergencies). We are open 7 days 9-5 in winter and Monday – Friday 9-5 in the off-season.


The Team at Accommodation Jindabyne



Network Name: Jindy Haus

Password: Snowdog123

Please note that this is a regional area and the services can be overloaded and slower during peak times.


Fuse Box: Located on the right-hand side wall by the entrance

Meter Box: Located at front of property on the left-hand side

Water Mains: Located at front of property on left-hand side next to #2 parking space

Gas Bottles: Located on the front of property left-hand side wall

If you are having repeated issues with circuits tripping they may be overloaded.

Heating and Hot Water


  • Mitsubishi reverse cycle air conditioning in the main living area
  • Electric heaters in the bedrooms
  • Open Ethanol Fire
    • Ethanol not supplied
    • Only use Ethanol or Methylated Spirits (can be purchased at Woolworths or Mitre 10).
    • Please see below tab or details instructions on lighting

Hot water

Gas instant hot water on the left hand side wall of the house



The kitchen is stocked with all the basic amenities such as

  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • DeLonghi Nespresso Capsule Coffee mahine
    • Uses small pods
  • Sandwich press
  • Milkfrother
  • Coffee plunder
  • Tea pot
  • Stick blender
  • Electric beater


  • Artusi Dishwasher
    • To use:
      • Twist the dial to the desired cycle
      • Press the start button
  • Induction Stovetop
    • To use:
      • Cookware must be on element to heat
      • Press and hold the lock/unlock button
      • Use the numbers to set the temperature
  • Oven
    • To use:
      • Press the button in to release the dial
      • Twist the dial on the right-hand side for the function setting
      • Ensure to set temperature with dial on the left-hand side for temperature
      • Timer can be set with middle buttons
  • Microwave
    • To use:
      • Push large button on right to open door
      • Button on right hand side of screen to quick start 30 seconds.
      • Button on left to stop


  • TCL TV with regular channels and and smart apps available
    • Remember to sign out of any streaming apps upon your departure

Baughn audio sound bar

  • Remote operated
  • Connected to the TV
  • Can connect via Bluetooth


  • The main bathroom has a shower, vanity and toilet
  • The ensuite has a shower, vanity and toilet


  • Simpson Washing machine
    • To use:
      • Press the on/off button
      • Press P to select the program
      • Select the temperature and spin cycle settings
      • Press start
  • Electrolux Dryer
    • To use:
      • Press the on/off button
      • Select the airing time and the anti-crease cycle
      • Press start

Large uncovered verandah with lake views, seating and BBQ

  • BBQ on the back deck – connected to house gas

The BBQ needs to be cleaned after each stay or additional charges may apply.

If you run out of gas during your stay, please call us within business hours and we can provide a replacement. If after hours, please swap it over at Mitre 10 or a service station and we will reimburse you the cost, simply email a receipt to info@jre.net.au and your bank details and we can process the refund.


Parking/Garage (boat/cars)

  • 2 outdoor off-street parking space no height limit
  • Parking spaces are the right hand side double space that leads to balcony
  • Other parking spaces are for the house at the rear of property

Stairs to access

  • No stairs at this property


  • Collection Tuesday morning
  • Red wheelie bins to be put out by guests


  • Pick up every 2nd Tuesday morning
  • Yellow wheelie bins to be put out by guests
  • Watch the neighbours for reference

If your bins are full prior to collection day, please contact our office on 02 6456 2216.

Please ensure all garbage is taken out to bins provided upon departure to avoid any excess cleaning charges.

Additional Info

Ethanol Fireplace


NOTE: Overfilling will cause the apparatus to burn at higher temperature rates resulting in the
apparatus being difficult to turn off.


IMPORTANT: Please ensure the burner is removed from the Main Body before filling with

In case of accidental overfilling of the Fuel Tank, follow these steps:
• NEVER ignite the Combustion Chamber if it is filled past the “MAX ” filling line shown above
Remove the Combustion Chamber from the Chimenea, using the lifting Handles.
• Empty the excess fuel into a suitable container.
• Wipe off all excess fuel that may have dripped on the outside of the Combustion Chamber
during emptying and allow any residual fuel to evaporate. Leave for 1 hour.
• Place the Combustion Chamber back into Chimenea.
• Ignite the Combustion Chamber only once all residual fuel outside the Combustion Chamber
has completely evaporated and the container used to fill it has been sealed and moved to a
safe distance from the Combustion Chamber.



Once all spilled or residual fuel has been wiped clean, and all other forms of fuel have
been sealed and moved to a safe distance from the Combustion Chamber, and the
Combustion Chamber has been placed back inside the Chimenea as indicated above, it
is safe to consider igniting the Combustion Chamber.

Using a long arm fire lighter and standing at a safe distance from the Combustion
Chamber carefully introduce a flame as indicated above to ignite the Combustion
Chamber. Always make sure there is a Class ABE fire extinguisher close at hand when
igniting the Combustion Chamber.


To regulate the flame, insert the tips of the Sliding Lid Handle into the holes of the Sliding
Lid of the Combustion Chamber and slide backwards or forwards to regulate the flame


To extinguish the flame, insert the tips of the Sliding Lid Handle into the holes of the Sliding
Lid of the Combustion Chamber and slide all the way forward until the flame is
extinguished. Should the flame not extinguish with the first try please repeat until
extinguished. It should be a swift action coupled with downward pressure.



  1. Risk of Explosion:
    i) Never use any fuel other than the fuel specifically intended for
    use in the unvented decorative appliance. Never use gasoline.
    ii) Never refill unvented decorative appliance fuel reservoir when
    unvented decorative appliance is operating or still hot.
    iii) Never use unvented decorative appliance where flammable
    vapours or gas may be present.
    iv) Never store or transport the fuel in other than a metal or plastic
    container that is:
    A) Acceptable for use with the specific fuel;
    B) Non-red in colour;
    C) Is in the original container for the (specific alcohol) Fuel.
    2. Never store fuel in the living space/same location as the
    3. Due to high surface temperatures, keep children, clothing and
    furniture away.
    4. Risk of Indoor Air Pollution – Use unvented decorative appliance
    only in well-ventilated areas and with door of adjacent room
    open. Do not obstruct air flow to the fuel holder box by piling logs
    over the fuel holding box, but only around it and do not obstruct
    the fuel holder box in any other way or with any other material.
    People with breathing problems should consult a physician before
    using the unvented decorative appliance.
    5. Do not use unvented decorative appliance to heat or boil water or
    use a cooking appliance.
    6. Do not use in a room with Oxygen tanks in use.