Good size freestanding townhouse with great views from the balcony of Lake Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains. Four bedrooms, three queen bedrooms, one queen can be split into two singles on request, and one with two bunks.
12 Nettin Circuit, Jindabyne

Boronia - 6/30 Nettin Circuit

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Jindabyne & The Snowy Mountains.

We hope you enjoy your stay with Accommodation Jindabyne and please know we are here to help throughout your stay. If there is anything that comes up during your stay, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time.

If you are looking for recommendations to get the best experiences in our area, please head to https://accommodationjindabyne.com/visitor-information/ .

A reminder that check-in is from 4 pm and check-out is 10 am. Either from The Base Ski Hire during the winter season or Jindabyne Real Estate over the remainder of the year.

If you need any assistance during your stay, please contact us at info@jre.net.au or 02 64562216 (you can follow the prompts for after-hours emergencies). We are open 7 days 9-5 in winter and Monday – Friday 9-5 in the off-season.


The Team at Accommodation Jindabyne



No internet is available at this property.


Fuse Box: Located at the bottom of the stairs before you enter the laundry.

Meter Box: Located at the front of the property by the mailboxes.

Water Mains: Located on the wall near the retaining wall.

Gas Bottles: Located at the front of the property by the mailboxes.

If you are having repeated issues with circuits tripping they may be overloaded.

Heating and Hot Water


  • Masport Gas fireplace in the living room, control panel on the top right
    • To use: press the button on the wall left of the fireplace to start 4 hour timer
    • See further below for detailed instructions on how to use
  • Column heaters in bedrooms
    • Hardwired on timers
    • Operate between 4pm-7am only

Hot Water

  • Gas hot water system is located on the wall near the retaining wall



The kitchen is stocked with all the basic amenities such as

  • Microwave
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Sandwich Press
  • Electric frypan


  • Omega Dishwasher
    • Standard operation: select on, press the program, then press the start button
  • Omega Oven and Stove top
    • Standard operation: Turn dials for function and temperature for oven and desired element for stove
    • Power switch is located to the right of stove top / left of the window
    • Electric timer must be on for oven operation


  • TCL TV with regular channels
    • To watch: Select source and DTV
  • Toshiba DVD player
    • To watch DVD: on the remote select source, then select HD/DVD1
  • Soniq with an inbuilt DVD player in bedroom
    • To watch DVD: on the TV remote press source and select DVD


  • TDK iPod dock in the kitchen

2 Bathrooms

  • The entry-level has a spa bath, toilet, and shower over the bath
  • The upstairs bathroom has a shower and toilet, with access from the hall and main bedroom


  • Simpson Washing Machine
    • To use:
      • Press the power button
      • Turn the dial to the cycle
      • Turn the dial to the water level
      • Turn the dial to the water temperature
      • Press the start button
  • Westinghouse Dryer
    • Standard operation: Turn dial to set time, close and press button on door to start. Select cool or hot mode

Drying Area

  • Off the laundry with a hardwired heater
    • Hardwired on timer
    • Operate between 4pm-7am only

Balcony of living area with BBQ

The BBQ needs to be cleaned after each stay or additional charges may apply.

If you run out of gas during your stay, please call us within business hours and we can provide a replacement. If after hours, please swap it over at Mitre 10 or a service station and we will reimburse you the cost, simply email a receipt to info@jre.net.au and your bank details and we can process the refund.

Parking/Garage (boat/cars)

  • Double garage with remote control – height clearance 2.1 m
  • No boat parking in complex, can be parked on street

Stairs to access

  • 3 stairs to the front door
  • 7 stairs down to the garage/laundry
  • 9 stairs from the entry level to the living area
  • 6 stairs from the living level to the upstairs bedrooms


  • Collection Friday morning
  • Red wheelie bins will be put out by strata


  • Pick up every 2nd Monday morning
  • Yellow wheelie bins will be put out by strata

If your bins are full prior to collection day, please contact our office on 02 6456 2216.

Please ensure all garbage is taken out to bins provided upon departure to avoid any excess cleaning charges.

Additional Info

Gas Log Fire Operation Instructions

  • To start the fire, first push the button on the wall, when the light is OFF the heater is ON
    • NOTE: if the red light is on, the fire is turned off
  • Turn the FLAME SIZE knob fully anti-clockwise to the HI position
  • Push down and turn the CONTROL KNOB anti-clockwise to the ‘PILOT’ position. Press and hold the CONTROL KNOB down firmly. It may be necessary to hold the control knob for some time before the pilot ignites
  • Keep holding the control knob down for 15 minutes to 30 seconds after the plot ignites. Release the pressure on the control knob – the pilot should remain alight when the knob rises
  • Turn the control knob fully anticlockwise to the ‘ON’ position. The main burner will not light until at least thirty seconds after the pilot is lit
  • The fan is thermostat-controlled. It will not start until the heater reaches the correct temperature and will not switch off until it cools down.
  • If this fails to work, please ensure that the switch for the gas from the wall is inline with the pipe.
  • NOTE: if the heater does not come on after you have followed these instructions, WAIT a few seconds before you try again. After you hear a CLICK from the control knob you will be able to turn it and start again.