26 Twynam is a modern, spacious, freestanding house located on a quite street located a 5 minute drive from the centre of Jindabyne.
20 Twynam Street, Jindabyne

26 Twynam Street

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Jindabyne & The Snowy Mountains.

We hope you enjoy your stay with Accommodation Jindabyne and please know we are here to help throughout your stay. If there is anything that comes up during your stay, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time.

If you are looking for recommendations to get the best experiences in our area, please head to https://accommodationjindabyne.com/visitor-information/ .

A reminder that check-in is from 4 pm and check-out is 10 am. Either from The Base Ski Hire during the winter season or Jindabyne Real Estate over the remainder of the year.

If you need any assistance during your stay, please contact us at info@jre.net.au or 02 64562216 (you can follow the prompts for after-hours emergencies). We are open 7 days 9-5 in winter and Monday – Friday 9-5 in the off-season.


The Team at Accommodation Jindabyne



Network Name: Bareena

Password: Westshore

Please note that this is a regional area and the services can be overloaded and slower during peak times.


Fuse Box: Located on the back wall of the garage

Meter Box: Located to the right-hand side of the building

Water Mains: Located right hand side of driveway upon entry

Gas Bottles: Located left hand side of property

Solar Box: Located right hand side wall inside garage

If you are having repeated issues with circuits tripping they may be overloaded.

Heating and Hot Water


  • Ducted Heating & Air Conditioner
    • If the zone lights are lit, air is flowing to those zones.
    • To use: push the buttons to turn off the air to those zones. The main area should be ‘always on’ and the air can be turned off/on to the individual bedrooms as required to save power or fine-tune the temperature of the room
  • Switches under air conditioner controls
    • The 4 switches panel is for the high windows. The top 2 open each window and the bottom 2 close the windows.
  • Underfloor Heating
    • The main living area slab heater stays on – please don’t turn it off.
    • Individual bathroom heaters can be used as required.
      • Switches at each bathroom

Hot Water Systems

Hot water system is located left hand side of house, access through side gate, laundry or backyard.

If the property experiences a blackout, you will need to turn the water heater back on. The switch is located on the wall next to the window in the laundry.



The kitchen is stocked with all the basic amenities such as

  • Panasonic Microwave
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Rice Cooker
  • Nespresso Pod Coffee Machine
  • Nespresso milk frother
  • Palasonic bread maker
  • Pressure cooker
  • Coffee bean grinder
  • Coffee French press
  • Teapot
  • Food processor
  • Coffee percolator
  • Hot and cold filtered water tap alongside normal tap


  • Bosch Dishwasher
    • To use: press the power button, then press the selected cycle, then press the start button
  • Bosch Oven
    • To use:
      • Push dials to pop them out
      • Use dials to select function and temperature
      • For timer: Press the timer button, then press + or – to select the temperature required, and press + or – on the clock to select the timer on the display screen under oven clock
    • Press the power button to turn the oven off
  • Electrolux Gas 5 Burner Stove Top
    • Standard operation: Press dial in for desired element to ignite and turn for temperature control


Main Living Room

  • LG wall mounted Smart TV
    • Regular channels, streaming apps, USB and HDMI ports
    • To navigate
      • Press home button on remote
      • Press plug button (top left under power button on remote) to navigate inputs including screen sharing
  • Vodafone paring device and Apple TV/AirPlay box located on shelves in TV unit
  • Logitech Bluetooth pairing device for sound system
    • Hold button on LG symbol to pair phone
    • Instructions labelled on speaker


Media Room

Main Bedroom

  • Samsung wall mounted smart TV with regular channels, streaming apps, HDMI and USB ports
    • Use the home button on the remote to navigate


  • Stereo with Logitech BT adapter.
    • See further down the page for instructions on use


  • The main bathroom has a bath, shower, vanity and toilet
  • Ensuite has a shower, vanity and toilet


  • Bosch Washing Machine
    • To use:
      • Turn the dial to cycle,
      • Press temperature to adjust if required
      • Press the start button
  • Bosch Dryer
    • To use:
      • Push the center of the dial to turn on
      • Turn the dial to select the cycle
      • Press the start button


Note: Small panel located above laundry sink is to control water temperature throughout the house. This should not need to be adjusted.

Fully fenced backyard with entertaining area, BBQ and seating

The BBQ needs to be cleaned after each stay or additional charges may apply.

If you run out of gas during your stay, please call us within business hours and we can provide a replacement. If after hours, please swap it over at Mitre 10 or a service station and we will reimburse you the cost, simply email a receipt to info@jre.net.au and your bank details and we can process the refund.

Parking/Garage (boat/cars)

  • Double lock up garage with remote access and clearance of 2.6m
    • Includes additional powder room
    • Please note: work bench has been removed

Stairs to access

  • 1 step from garage into house


  • Collection every Friday morning
  • Red wheelie bins will be put out by guest

Recycling Collection

  • Pick up every 2nd Monday morning
  • Yellow wheelie bins will be put out by guest
  • Watch the neighbours

Additional Info

Using the Projector

The projector in the second lounge has a manual which can be found here: https://www.download.p4c.philips.com/files/n/npx643_int/npx643_int_dfu_hrv.pdf

The master switch (located in the second lounge) turns on:

  • The projector, with Android TV and AppleTV
  • The sound system (the speakers beside the screen)

Turn off the master switch when not using the system to stop the speaker hum. Located on the wall to the left hand side of the couch.

Using the Projector Remote (Philips):

  • Use the red button to turn on/off the projector lamp
  • Home button to access apps – log in to your streaming services
  • The bottom button is used to select the HDMI device
  • The projector supports Chromecast

Using the AppleTV Remote

  • For streaming, make sure that your device is on the AppleTV remote
  • Bareena WiFi network
  • Use this to browse for iView, SBS, Channels 7, 9, 10 on demand and live stream apps, or log in to your Netflix or AppleTV accounts.
  • Airplay from apple devices on Bareena WiFi network

There is a HDMI device located on the bookshelf, where you can access the HDMI cable to connect your laptop.

Using the Stereo

  1. The Power On button (located on the left-hand side of the stereo unit) is permanently on. Use the power point switch to turn it off.

Do not use the big button that is on the top right of the stereo unit, to the left of the large dial. If accidentally bumped or pressed, you may lose a channel. Lightly move the button to bring back the channel.

When Apple Airport is connected (green light on the device in powerboard), Airplay to “Main Room” using the Tape 1 channel

The stereo has a Logitech BT Adapter located on top of it.

  • To use: hold the button down on the top to make the adapter go into pairing mode (a blue light should flash). Sync your device to it through your device’s settings and playback on the AV/AUX channel